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Friday, July 3, 2020

USDA approves West Virginia’s industrial hemp plan

A field of hemp in West Virginia greets the dawn.
The West Virginia Department of Agriculture has received certification of approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the plan submitted regarding the regulation...

West Virginia's two food banks operating at full capacity

West Virginia maintains two food banks to distribute food to those in need.
Following the closure of all non-essential businesses in West Virginia, the state's two food banks have ramped up efforts to feed the vulnerable, according...

Before World War II, farming was a matter of sustenance

Sam Tuckwiller gauges the harvest based on the appearance of the woody ring in a corn cob.
Farming in West Virginia is not what it was, and Sam Tuckwiller knows it for a fact. For more than six generations, Tuckwillers have...

Directory connects W.Va. farmers, consumers during crisis

The sun sets over farmland in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia.
Officials at the West Virginia Department of Agriculture are working with producers and farmers impacted by COVID-19 mitigation efforts by facilitating communication between producers...

West Virginia gardening program sees surge in interest

A child plants a seed in the ground.
More than 2,300 West Virginians have signed up so far for "Grow This: WV Garden Challenge," an annual program by the West Virginia University...

Raising sheep in West Virginia mountains differed from valleys

The old-time breed of sheep raised in the mountains was small but hardy and adapted to spending its time in the woods.
Although mountain people never ate much mutton, raising sheep had long been an important part of life on West Virginia highland farms, though the...

Eight edible spring plants that grow wild in West Virginia

Common Blue Violets are among the edible plants one can find growing almost anywhere in West Virginia.
I hunt—for undomesticated plants. Even though I have a substantial vegetable garden that supplies my family with a steady supply of fresh, frozen, and...

WVDA reimbursing agricultural, handling practice audits

Audits aim to verify fruits and vegetables are produced, packed, handled, and stored in the safest manner possible.
The West Virginia Department of Agriculture is offering full reimbursement to fruit and vegetable producers who have completed its Good Handling Practices and Good...

Café Appalachia and W.Va. State U. offer gardening series

Through October the lunch-and-learn series look at gardening in West Virginia.
Café Appalachia is teaming up with the West Virginia State University Extension Service to host a six-part series of gardening workshops through October 2020. The...

Worm Moon of March lore is accurate, says West Virginia gardener

Worms become notably active in the upper layer of the soil in March.
Worms are already making their presence known in the upper layers of the soil, says a West Virginia permaculturist who can attest to the...

Aging, declining population leading to drop in ramp dinners

Ramps in West Virginia
A decline in population across West Virginia may be contributing to a drop in traditional spring ramp feasts, despite increased interest among tourists and...

WVU, food pantry in Wyoming County expand poultry project

Poultry is now helping feed families in rugged Wyoming County in southern West Virginia. (WVU Photo)
Nestled among some of the steepest mountains in southern West Virginia, Wyoming County is weathering equally steep economic struggles. Almost wholly reliant on a declining...

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