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Three August events stargazers in W.Va. won't want to miss

The constellation Orion rises above the Ohio Valley in West Virginia.
The wonder of living in rural West Virginia will come to the fore this August where stargazing is concerned. Three exciting astronomical events are sure...

Observatory in remote West Virginia mountains to remain open

A student stands in the doorway of the control room for the 40-foot Telescope at the Green Bank Observatory.
The National Science Foundation has announced plans to leave open the remote Green Bank Observatory high in the Allegheny Mountains in eastern West Virginia. Formerly...

Rural W.Va. ideal to see year's largest supermoon, Snow Moon

A snow moon rises along a country road in West Virginia. Photo courtesy Chuck Reed of Emerging Aire PhotoGrafix.
Rural West Virginia will be an ideal place from which to observe the largest super-moon of 2019 — the Snow Moon, which on Feb....

Wolf Moon once shone on wolf-haunted West Virginia hills

Wolf Moon over West Virginia
January's Wolf Moon — a super-moon that on Jan. 21, 2019, will be turned a bloody red by an eclipse — recalls a time...

West Virginia becoming East Coast sky-watching destination

The Milky Way glitters above Dolly Sods, in one of the darkest reaches in the eastern U.S.
Longing for a life far from city lights? You could hardly do better than to move to West Virginia. A paradise of star-spangled skies...

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