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WVU and citizen scientists fish for answers on blotchy bass

WVU scientists and citizen assistants are examining blotchy bass taken across West Virginia.
MORGANTOWN, W.Va.—Using data collected by citizens through a mobile app, researchers at West Virginia University are working to understand why some bass are becoming...

West Virginia University to build marching band facility

The Mountaineer Marching Band performs during pregame of a WVU football game.
An institution itself for more than a century, the Mountaineer Marching Band at West Virginia University will soon have a home of its own...

WVU research forecasts extreme weather for West Virginia

Lightning strikes beyond a pasture in central West Virginia. Photo courtesy Anne Johnson.
It’s going to rain a lot in West Virginia, and it’s going to be really dry, too, according to researchers at West Virginia University. While...

WVU engineer aims to predict repeat of Carrington Event

A repeat of the Carrington Event of 1859 would cause worldwide havoc.
Usually, the Earth’s magnetic field shields us from the misadventures of our nearest star, the mighty sun, but it failed on September 2, 1859. Known...

PRT track at WVU closes after Morgantown rockslide

A maintenance worker inspects a wrecked PRT at West Virginia University.
A rockslide that blocked Monongahela Boulevard and the public rapid transit track in Morgantown, West Virginia, today sent two West Virginia University students to...

WVU Dean advising travel precaution in face of COVID-19

WVU Dean of Health Sciences Clay Marsh, MD, is advising to take travel precautions.
Though there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in West Virginia, Dr. Clay Marsh of West Virginia University is advising Mountaineers to employ precautions...

WVU geologist selected for NASA’s Mars 2020 team

Benison investigates an acidic salt lake in Western Australia.
When samples from the Mars 2020 expedition eventually make their way to Earth, the scientists of tomorrow will have a WVU Mountaineer to thank. West...

Wildlife management major coming to Glenville State

A wildlife biologist surveys a glade in West Virginia.
The Glenville State College Department of Land Resources will offer a Wildlife Management major within their Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management Program...

WVU faculty, students contribute to cosmic breakthrough

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — More than two dozen researchers with ties to West Virginia University have helped unearth evidence of ripples in spacetime that have...

WVU researchers use historic log structures to map migration

A researcher prepares to collect tree-ring samples from The Pitsenbarger Barn in Pendleton County.
Log cabins in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia have a story to tell: when people leave, the forest takes over. Researchers at West Virginia...

WVU awarded $5 million to build acid mine drainage facility

An acidic stream in West Virginia is revealed by yellow-tinged rocks.
The West Virginia Water Research Institute at West Virginia University has been awarded $5 million to scale-up its Rare-Earth Recovery Project, which will include...

WVU developing ‘critical’ rare earth elements from coal waste

WVU engineer developing ‘critical’ rare earth elements from coal waste.
West Virginia University mining engineers are developing a method to create a self-supply of rare earth elements in the United States from coal waste. “Rare...


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