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Welcome to the Lore and Legend news category at West Virginia Explorer, where you'll find news of the paranormal, supernatural, and uncanny in West Virginia.

Couple claim to photograph bigfoot near New River Gorge

Does this cell-phone photo show a bigfoot in the woods near Danese, West Virginia, east of the New River Gorge?
A husband and wife living in a remote corner of Fayette County in southern West Virginia claim to have encountered and photographed a bigfoot. Billy...

Horse Creek Ghost said to foretell the demise of presidents

Since the death of Lincoln, the Horse Creek Ghost has been said to appear in a hollow of that name in southern West Virginia.
Of the many kinds of ghosts said to haunt to the hills of West Virginia, among the most disturbing may be those which are...

Mysterious origin of 'Old Woman Run' at Sutton explained

A fog settles in the vale of Granny Creek, as seen from Old Woman Run in Braxton County near Sutton, West Virginia.
Sharp-eyed travelers visiting the historic district at Sutton, West Virginia, may observe that two swift streams come coursing down out of the hills to...

Strange tale of Shades-of-Death Creek may have biblical origin

An old homestead stands on the edge of pastures south of Shades of Death Creek.
How did Shades-of-Death Creek in West Virginia gain such a strange name? That mystery has long been a subject of speculation in the highlands...

Did nation's first UFO report originate at Mt. Hope, West Virginia?

The night's sky above the Bechtel Summit Reserve has traditionally been among the darkest in the region.
The details are obscure, but it's possible that one of the first UFO sightings ever reported in the U.S. originated in West Virginia. The encounter...

Witches perceived as threat to settlers in what's now W.Va.

An evergreen forest in West Virginia.
Life for pioneer families in western Virginia was difficult enough without "witches." Any interruption to the grueling business of avoiding hunger and disease might...

Dark origin of the city name "Wheeling" explained

The origin of the name "Wheeling" is more terrifying than any association it might otherwise be expected to have with "wheels."
To the average motorist hurtling through the City of Wheeling on Interstate 70, nothing about the place might seem particularly nefarious. However, the story...

West Virginia enjoying popularity as a ghost-hunting destination

A ghost hunter roams a West Virginia forest.
West Virginia's popularity as a destination for ghost hunters continues to increase, according to the publisher of one of its leading paranormal websites, West...

Lost silver lode in Jackson County may be more than legend

Could this piece of silver found near Ripley, West Virginia, point to a larger lode?
Legends of a lost silver lode in Jackson County, West Virginia, may be more than a rumor, according to a former resident whose claims...

Monongahela River boasts three monster legends

Ripples appear on the surface of the Monongahela River in Marion County, West Virginia.
Far from the city lights that shimmer about its mouth at Pittsburgh, the Monongahela River descends out of some of the most remote reaches...

Investigator: W.Va. ground-zero for UFO research, encounters

The International Space Station flies over the Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia. (Photo courtesy Jesse Thornton)
A top paranormal investigator says West Virginia has a long association with UFO activity, because of its role in the search for extraterrestrial life...

Tale of Turkey Witch wasn't uncommon in early West Virginia

A witch or a turkey? Some old-timers in West Virginia believed it could be either.
It wasn't all that long ago that country folk in West Virginia might tell tales of a turkey witch. Of all the forms that a...

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