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Northern West Virginia ghost linked to Country music's "Big Bad John"

Company houses and backyard gardens climb the hillsides at Grant Town in northern West Virginia.
GRANT TOWN, W.Va. — If you've had the opportunity to descend into a West Virginia coal mine, you might have come away with a...

The tale of Cale Betts's ghost still haunts the Calhoun County...

The Milky Way travels across the sky above Calhoun County.
GRANTSVILLE, W.Va. — Nights in rural Calhoun County are counted among the darkest in West Virginia, so it's little wonder that the tale of...

Did a settler survive lost in caverns beneath the Greenbrier Valley?

Is it possible that this unnamed adventurer could have survived an adventure in the caverns beneath the Greenbrier Valley?
LEWISBURG, W.Va. — One of the strangest tales to come out of Greenbrier County may be the legend of the Sinking Creek caverns. Little information...

Perhaps surprisingly, W.Va. is ideally suited to residential solar energy use

“The technology has come leaps and bounds from the 80s and 90s,” says Dan Conant of Solar Holler.
MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Much of West Virginia enjoys about 85 percent as much sunlight as Miami, Florida, which means it's ideally suited to solar...

Archaeologists debunk myth of prehistoric giants in West Virginia

An 1907 article in the Wheeling News helped popularize the ancient giants myth.
MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. — After learning about my series of articles on West Virginia prehistory in West Virginia Explorer Magazine, Olivia Jones, an adjunct anthropology instructor...

Beauty of Hill's Creek waterfalls in West Virginia hide geologic secrets

The lower falls of Hills Creek for many years was practically inaccessible to all but the most intrepid waterfalls hunters.
HILLSBORO, W.Va. — Hill's Creek in eastern West Virginia is more than just a pretty stream. Though its waterfalls have won fame worldwide, scientifically...

Black bear encounters in West Virginia are highest in May, June

PINEVILLE, W.Va. — If it's May or June in West Virginia and you've noticed an uptick in bear encounters on social media and in...

Mystery surrounds W.Va. tale of frontier slave who defended fort

A historic marker recounting a version of the Dick Pointer tale stands near his monument.
LEWISBURG, W.Va. — Settlers who pushed westward across the Alleghenies in the 1700s engaged in a deadly gamble. Despite the threat of attack by...

The Great Seal of West Virginia—what its many strange symbols mean

An illustration of the West Virginia Coat of Arms includes elements set for by the state in 1863.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Great Seal of West Virginia may be as fascinating to some West Virginians as the U.S. dollar bill is for...

LOVE-HATE tattoos have terrifying origin in West Virginia nightmare

Robert Mitchem displays LOVE-HATE tattoos in "The Night of the Hunter."
MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. — The iconic LOVE-HATE tattoos that adorn many thuggish fists in the U.S. are tied to one of the most horrific events...

Historians find evidence of famous visitor at West Virginia tavern

William Clark documented his stay at the Halfway House in a diary.
ANSTED, W.Va. — Historians investigating the history of a landmark tavern in southern West Virginia have uncovered evidence that explorer William Clark, of the...

Historical outdoor dramas open for season at Grandview June 18, 19

BECKLEY, W.Va. — The historical outdoor dramas "Hatfields & McCoys" and "Honey in the Rock" will return to the Cliffside Amphitheater at Grandview this...


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