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Hearty beech fern ideal for the West Virginia garden

A Phegopteris hexagonoptera specimen stays lush even in droughty conditions.
Before we commence chatting about my favorite fern of all time, let’s get the nomenclature out of the way (nomenclature: a fancy, two-bit word...

DNR seeks river otter carcasses for population study

A river otter forages along the bank of a West Virginia stream.
The W.Va. Division of Natural Resources is asking trappers in the Mountain State to help collect data on river otter populations by donating otter...

W.Va. announces lottery for boar hunting on private land

Wild boar still range across isolated mountain hollows in Logan County.
Hunters in West Virginia will soon be able to enter a lottery to hunt on designated private lands owned by W.Va. Natural Resource Partners...

Tree planting can increase property value in urban West Virginia

Shade trees were planted at Maplecrest to keep the residence cool in summer.
Money grows on trees when it comes to residential and commercial property value, according to a professor of urban forestry at West Virginia University:...

Part of Sand Hill Wildlife Management Area closes

Trail signs stand near an entrance to the Sand Hill Wildlife Management Area near Mountwood Park in Ritchie County.
A 967-acre portion of the nearly 3,000-acre Sand Hill Wildlife Management Area in northern West Virginia has been closed to public access, according to...

Rare memoir recalls gorge before Thurmond ghost town

Riding horseback, Captain William Thurmond was a familiar site in the New River Gorge.
Perhaps no small town in West Virginia has gained the worldwide notoriety that the tiny Town of Thurmond has enjoyed. A ghost town located...

W.Va. seeks landowners keen to improve wildlife habitat

Wild turkey roam a woodland in northern West Virginia.
Biologists with the W.Va. Division of Natural Resources are reaching out to landowners who are interested in improving wildlife habitat on their property. In partnership...

Larry Oakley tells the tale of an old West Virginia hunter

A white-tailed buck deer waits in a West Virginia woodland.
Waiting quietly alone in the dark woods, the approach of dawn can seem like an eternity. It can feel like time is standing still—holding...

National Coal Heritage Area calls for grant applications

A photo of a deserted coal camp curated by the W.Va. Mine Wars Museum, funded in part by the National Coal Heritage Area Authority.
The National Coal Heritage Area Authority to support community efforts to interpret, preserve, and promote coal heritage resources is seeking proposals for funding for...

2020 "good year for deer hunting," says DNR biologist

Deer hunting is an increasingly popular sport in West Virginia.
Hunters in West Virginia harvested 38,776 antlered deer during its two-week buck firearms season in 2020, according to preliminary data collected through the electronic...

Remarkable orchid's single leaf persists through winter in W.Va.

The remarkable leaf of Tipularia discolor stands out on the forest floor.
You may have to stretch your imagination a wee bit to embrace the common name of this very interesting West Virginia resident that’s also...

Historic Tyree Tavern opens window on West Virginia’s past

The Tyree Tavern overlooks the old Midland Trail (U.S. 60) near the New River Gorge.
A team of horses races across winding mountain roads, urged onward by the crack of a stage driver’s whip. Inside the coach, six weary...

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