Saturday, January 20, 2018

Weird News

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Roadside ghosts account for many of most popular WV ghost stories

Roadside ghosts account for most popular W.Va. ghost stories

Tales of roadside ghosts account for many of the most popular West Virginia ghost stories, and it's easy to see why: Even the most...

January 1 “Wolf Moon” recalls tale of headless W.Va. ghost

Appearing January 1, the first full moon of 2018, a supermoon, is known as a "Wolf Moon," so-named for the legendary propensity of wolves...
Cheat River, Preston County, Allegheny Highlands Region

The day they “knocked a hole” in the Cheat River

The strange story of the "day they knocked a hole in the Cheat River" has been passed down as one of West Virginia's obscure...
Wetzel County Worm Invasion

Mysterious worm invasion wreaked havoc in Wetzel County, W.Va, in 1918

Who could forget the great Wetzel County worm invasion of 1918? Apparently, a great many. Few may remember the tale beyond what they'd been told...
Telescopes at Green Bank, WV, Pocahontas County, Allegheny Highlands Region

West Virginia observatory monitors signals from distant galaxy

Scientists working with the remote National Radio Astronomy in Green Bank, West Virginia, have detected repeating radio signals being emitted from a dwarf galaxy...
Hikers peer into a coke oven on New River

Saturday hike planned to “Island of Dead” on New River

The National Park Service has scheduled a four-hour hike Saturday, June 10, to the legendary Red Ash Island cemetery on the New River and...