Braxton County, West Virginia

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A distant storm lingers beyond Old Woman Run near Flatwoods in Braxton County, West Virginia (WV)

Braxton County, at the very center of West Virginia, was created from parts of Lewis, Kanawha, and Nicholas counties in 1836. It was named for Carter Braxton, a Virginia statesman who signed the Declaration of Independence. Its county seat is at Sutton.

The center of the population of West Virginia is located near Gassaway, West Virginia, and the geographic center of the state is located near Sutton.

In 1772, at Bulltown, a family of Delaware Indians was massacred by frontiersmen and a battle was fought there during the Civil War at the .

The and rivers flow westward across the county. The Holly River joins the Elk River at Sutton Lake. As of the 2010 census, the population of Braxton County was 14,523.

The county is famously known as the home of the Flatwoods Monster, a legendary beast said to have crash-landed on the hill above Depot Street in 1952. The county is also known as the home of two large recreational lakes—Sutton Lake and Burnsville Lake—that attract thousands of anglers, boaters, and campers annually.

Cities & Towns in Braxton County

Braxton County Court House
  • Bulltown, West Virginia
  • Centralia, West Virginia
  • Copen, West Virginia
  • Duck, West Virginia
  • Elmira, West Virginia
  • Exchange, West Virginia
  • Falls Mill, West Virginia
  • Frametown, West Virginia
  • Heaters, West Virginia
  • Herold, West Virginia
  • Holly, West Virginia
  • Letch, West Virginia
  • Little Birch, West Virginia
  • Napier, West Virginia
  • Orlando, West Virginia
  • Rosedale, West Virginia
  • Servia, West Virginia
  • Strange Creek, West Virginia
  • Telsa, West Virginia
  • Wilsie, West Virginia

Parks & Public Recreation Facilities

Braxton County Historic Landmarks

Regional Information for Braxton County, West Virginia

Further information on lodging, dining, and recreation in Braxton County may be found in our guide to travel in the Heartland Region of central West Virginia, in which Braxton County is located.