Doddridge County, West Virginia

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Courthouse, Doddridge County, West Virginia

Doddridge County, in central West Virginia, was created in 1845 and named for statesman Phillip Doddridge. Its county seat is at West Union, on Middle Island Creek. Doddridge County was the home of , the first commissioner of immigration for the State of West Virginia and the designer the Great Seal of West Virginia.

Debar encouraged families from his native Switzerland to move to southern Doddridge County near Saint Clara. Chief industries in the county include tourism, glass making, and oil and gas drilling.  Doddridge is chiefly agricultural though tourism is playing an increased role in its economy. Fruit, corn, potatoes, and livestock are among its chief agricultural exports.

Middle Island Creek and the North Fork of the source in the southern county. As of the 2010 census, the county population was 8,202.

Cities & Towns in Doddridge County

Avondale, West Virginia
Big Isaac, West Virginia
Blandville, West Virginia
Center Point, West Virginia
Greenwood, West Virginia
Industrial, West Virginia
Leopold, West Virginia
New Milton, West Virginia
Saint Clara, West Virginia
Smithburg, West Virginia

Parks & Public Recreation Facilities

Doddridge County Park (Smithburg, WV)
Lewis Wetzel Wildlife Management Area
North Bend Rail Trail

Doddridge County Historic Landmarks

(West Union, WV)

Regional information for Doddridge County, West Virginia

Further information on lodging, dining, and recreation in Doddridge County may be found in our guide to travel in the Heartland Region of central West Virginia, in which Doddridge County is located.