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Prize-fighter Yankee Sullivan bested Bob Caunt near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

Yankee Sullivan fought 1847 match near Harpers Ferry

The month of May marks the beginning of West Virginia's rainy season, the time of year when storms build quickly over her mountain forests...
David Sibray sports a bigfoot souvenir t-shirt while photographing the Sutton Lake Marina.

Bigfoot rumors boosting travel at central West Virginia lake

It's hardly surprising Sutton Lake is attracting attention among bigfoot hunters. Amid one of the most forested regions in West Virginia, the rumor of...
David Sibray peers into the grave of Judge John Reddick, buried in both Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Legendary West Virginia grave straddled Pennsylvania line

Some say Judge John Hoke Reddick's ghost still haunts his grave, and I suppose they could be right, as the grave—a tomb, really—stands strangely...
Fireside on vacation with River Expeditions

True ghostly tales selected for your next W.Va. campfire

At least five months out of the year, West Virginia is warm enough to welcome light family camping, and there's little more exciting about...
Dueling was not popular in West Virginia, though the Moore-Burnham Duel was notably undertaken at Clarksburg in 1810.

Clarksburg duel, rare in West Virginia, fought April 24, 1810

Possibly because of a resurgence of ideas about chivalry and codes of conduct, dueling surged in popularity in the U.S. in the late 1700s,...