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Looking for more news of West Virginia's wild side?

Mothman by Ted Fauster

Meet the top five monsters from the West Virginia hills

In the late 1990s, I was asked to pen a book of West Virginia folklore. I opted instead to create my own tales based...
The legendary lost silver mine of Johnathan Swift may have been delved near the forks of the Big Sandy River.

Account claims lost Swift silver mine delved near Big Sandy

One of the most appealing of all Appalachian legends is that of the tale of the Lost Silver Mine of Johnathan Swift. Almost 200...
Sutton WV Fire 1911

1911 horror in central W.Va. allegedly witnessed through ESP

One of the most publicized cases of extrasensory perception (ESP) reported in West Virginia involved the deaths of a mother and six children in...
A fog settles in the vale of Granny Creek, as seen from Old Woman Run in Braxton County near Sutton, West Virginia.

'Old Woman Run' at Sutton, W.Va., named after a bear

Sharp-eyed travelers visiting the charming historic district at Sutton, West Virginia, may observe that two streams tumble out of the hills to join the...
The Byrd Telescope glows red in the darkness at Green Bank.

West Virginia ground-zero for UFO research, encounters

A renowned paranormal investigator says West Virginia has a remarkable association with UFO activity because of its role in the search for extraterrestrial life...