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Fireco, West Virginia, in Raleigh County, as it appeared in the 1960s.

Legend of beast resurfaces near Fireco, West Virginia

In almost every respect, the coal camp at Fireco was, as they say, the end of the line. Or nearly so. Only one small...
Appearing as the Mothman itself, a visitor to Point Pleasant visits the TNT Area at night.

The TNT Area: Mothman’s lair attracting fans day and night

If you're a fan of the Mothman legend and haven't visited its alleged lair, also known as the TNT Area, you owe yourself the...
The legendary lost silver mine of Johnathan Swift may have been delved near the forks of the Big Sandy River.

Account claims lost Swift silver mine delved near Big Sandy

One of the most appealing of all Appalachian legends is that of the tale of the Lost Silver Mine of Johnathan Swift. Almost 200...
Sibray visits the remote grave of Captain Ralph Stewart near Oceana, West Virginia.

Mountains provided ideal refuge for West Virginia forebear

As the legend goes, a band of marauding Indians had burned Ralph Stewart's father at the stake, so no one was surprised when, at...
The legend of the village of Burnt House is linked to one of the state's favorite old ghost stories.

Legend of Burnt House lives through strange town name

Motorists traveling the old Staunton Turnpike (W.Va. Route 47) between Weston and Parkersburg are sure to have noticed the little village of Burnt House...