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Looking for more news of West Virginia’s wild side?

Forest near Grafton, West Virginia, out of which the Grafton Monster allegedly appeared.

June 16 marks anniversary of Grafton Monster sightings

On June 16, 1964, hell broke loose in Grafton, West Virginia, a sleepy town on the Tygart Valley River. Excitement here normally came by...
A screenshot from the new game Fallout 76 appears to show a ruined New River Gorge in the background.

Fallout 76: Which West Virginia landmarks can you find?

In time for Christmas 2018, Bethesda it will unleash "Fallout 76," a video game of enormous proportions that appears to be entirely centered in...
The megasloth from Fallout 76.

“Fallout 76” driving record traffic to West Virginia Explorer

Fallout from the announced release of the "Fallout 76" West Virginia-based video game is driving record traffic to West Virginia Explorer, according to its...
Comrades-in-arms bury Indiana volunteers who fell in battle atop Rich Mountain

Tale of Rich Mountain ghost echoes through the Alleghenies

This summer I'll travel into the Alleghenies near Beverly, West Virginia, in Randolph County, to visit the site of the Battle of Rich Mountain....

Did Poe write “The Raven” while visiting Saint Albans, W.Va.?

Might Edgar Allen Poe have written his famous poem "The Raven" while visiting Saint Albans, West Virginia, on the Kanawha River? According to the late...