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David Sibray listens for "Old Thump," the origins of which may be geologic.

Ghostly rumble in W.Va. tied to legendary underground source

This story begins with a legend — that of "Old Thump." As the tale goes, folks in the neighborhood of Codger Town, which now lies...
The Milky Way travels across the sky above Calhoun County.

Tale of Cale Betts ghost still haunts Calhoun County darkness

Far from city lights, nights in Calhoun County are counted among the darkest in West Virginia — so it's little wonder that the tale...
Settlers along Dunloup Creek in southern West Virginia discovered what the described a stone fort, the origins of which remain a mystery.

Prehistoric mystery underlies “Egypt” in southern W.Va.

Settlers along Dunloup Creek in southern West Virginia called the little valley they farmed "Egypt," on account of fertile conditions they found among the...
Wolf Moon over West Virginia

Wolf Moon once shone on wolf-haunted West Virginia hills

January's Wolf Moon — a super-moon that on Jan. 21, 2019, will be turned a bloody red by an eclipse — recalls a time...
Forty-eight bells, include a 2.96-ton bourdon, hang in the bell tower at Concord University.

Strange phenomenon involves bells at Concord University

Farmers sometimes speak of a strange phenomenon that occurs in the countryside beyond Concord University. The ringing of the school's 48-bell carillon, often no...