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The Ohio River wanders uncharacteristically through a series of bends along the western edge of West Virginia.

Paul Bunyan’s boot print remains in western West Virginia

As to when Paul Bunyon left his mark in West Virginia, none now know, but by the 1970s the tale of Paul Bunyan's brief...
A kayaker plies the gentle Ohio River near Parkersburg, West Virginia, once the site of the infamous Graveyard of the Ohio.

Graveyard of the Ohio now a favorite tourist destination

The Ohio River below Parkersburg, West Virginia, was long ago known as the Graveyard of the Ohio and was considered one of the most...
Might a headless ghost still haunt the forests around Bakers Run Campground?

Remote West Virginia campground includes its own ghost

There are many remote campgrounds in West Virginia, but few are as remote as Baker's Run Campground and boast their own ghost. Only 30 minutes...
Did the legendary Mothman first appear in the trees above a cemetery at Clendenin, West Virginia?

Did legendary Mothman first appear at Clendenin cemetery?

Whether or not you believe in tales of "Mothman," if you live in West Virginia, you're sure to have heard them. In a state...
Strange Creek wanders through the forests of central West Virginia to meet the Elk River.

Strange legend of Strange Creek may never be confirmed

Too much time may have passed to confirm anything of the legend of Strange Creek—long among the most haunting tales in West Virginia history,...