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The Mothman Statue at Point Pleasant overlooks Main Street in the national historic district.

Three facts about West Virginia's Mothman legend few know

POINT PLEASANT, W.Va. — America's quintessential Atomic Age monster, Mothman continues to attract attention in the Ohio Valley, so much so that more than...
Forty-eight bells, include a 2.96-ton bourdon, hang in the bell tower at Concord University.

Bells at Concord University linked to strange phenomenon

ATHENS, W.Va. — Farmers in the countryside beyond Concord University sometimes speak of a strange phenomenon in winter. The sound of the school's 48-bell...
Company houses and backyard gardens climb the hillsides at Grant Town in northern West Virginia.

West Virginia ghost linked to Country music's "Big Bad John"

GRANT TOWN, W.Va. — If you've ever had the opportunity to descend into a West Virginia coal mine, you might have come away with...
The Moon Man claimed his ancestors had come from the moon and had been forced to remain on Earth after a meteor knocked the moon out of its orbit.

Tale of lost "Moon Man" lives on in remote Braxton County valley

CENTRALIA, W.Va. — The ghost town of Centralia, with no more than a dozen houses and a country store, might seem one of the...
Dave Sibray searches cliffs for clues regarding a tragedy that killed two West Virginia hunters in the late 1800s.

Tale of historic tragedy haunts the hills of Putnam County

LIBERTY, W.Va.—Eighteenmile Creek wanders quietly through the hill country of northern Putnam County, revealing not in the least any potential for tragedy along its...