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The night's sky above the Bechtel Summit Reserve has traditionally been among the darkest in the region.

Did nation's first UFO report originate at Mt. Hope, West Virginia?

The details are obscure, but it's possible that one of the first UFO sightings ever reported in the U.S. originated in West Virginia. The encounter...
An evergreen forest in West Virginia.

Witches perceived as threat to settlers in what's now W.Va.

Life for pioneer families in western Virginia was difficult enough without witches. Any interruption to the grueling business of avoiding hunger and disease might...
The origin of the name

Dark origin of the city name "Wheeling" explained

To the average motorist hurtling through the City of Wheeling on Interstate 70, nothing about the place might seem particularly nefarious. However, the story...
A ghost hunter roams a West Virginia forest.

West Virginia enjoying popularity as a ghost-hunting destination

West Virginia's popularity as a destination for ghost hunters continues to increase, according to the publisher of one of its leading paranormal websites, West...
Could this piece of silver found near Ripley, West Virginia, point to a larger lode?

Lost Jackson County silver lode may be more than legend

Legends of a lost silver lode in Jackson County may be more than a rumor, according to a former resident who says he has...