Is West Virginia a northern state or a southern state?

Is West Virginia a northern state or a southern state?
Is West Virginia a  northern state  or southern state?

It's an argument as old as West Virginia itself -- is a northern state or a southern state? Let us know what you think. Vote here.




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On May 8, 2014, we'll present the opinions of geographers, historians, social scientists, and include various other comments we've received in an attempt to answer this long debated question. Please add your comments below, or share them at the official pages for West Virginia Explorer at  or or at the profile page for our editor, , at Facebook.

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  1. sorry to do this to you, but it really is a true mix of both. While history may tell the tale of a Northern State, being West Virginia was formed due to a secession movement of counties in Virginia wanting to rejoin the Union. Here in Southern WV there is a completely different story being told.

  2. It's open for debate, so I welcome any viewpoint. West Virginia Explorer doesn't stand by a position either way, or we wouldn't have asked the question. I will agree that southern West Virginia is far more southern in character and its residents might consider it so. The economies of Monroe, Mercer, Raleigh, and present-day Summers were all more closely tied to the South, but I suppose representation at the new capitol at Wheeling must have seemed more prudent when it came down to the vote.

  3. True, this is an age old debate. I agree with Baron of Mavis, for Southern West Virginia the history just isn't clear. However, I won't use this as forum to post historical and political information. As far as it goes in Mercer county, we are a Southern people. We are Mountain as some say, we are Mid-Atlantic as some say, but when it comes right down to it we are Southern, and proud of it. Plus, we are below the Mason-Dixon line. Props to Katie Lee on Food Network for declaring she was from the South on an episode of "Best Ever"!