New exhibit at Harpers Ferry tracks evolution of Camp Hill

New exhibit at Harpers Ferry tracks evolution of Camp Hill
Camp Hill at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia (WV)
Camp Hill at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia (WV), subject of new exhibit.

Rangers at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park on May 26 will open a new exhibit that explores the evolution of the park's lofty Camp Hill neighborhood.


"A Landscape through Time: The Historical Development of Camp Hill” investigates the history of the summit over more than 200 years as part of the community and national park.

Camp Hill in the late 1700s served as a camp for soldiers during construction of the armory at Harpers Ferry and again during the the Civil War when both armies camped there.
A line of earthwork fortifications ran across the western edge of the hill and helped defend the ferry from Stonewall Jackson's advance in 1862.

Abandoned during the war, mansions established by officers atop the hill became part of the campus for historically black Storer College.


Historically, Harpers Ferry may best be known for abolutionist John Brown's raid on the armory in 1859. Today the park and community of Harpers Ferry are favorite destinations of thousands of tourists annually.

A ranger will host a question-and-answer session during an opening-day reception at the park information center on Shenandoah Street from 1 to 3 p.m. , and the exhibit will remain on display through 2017.

Find out more about the exhibit visit .

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