Pack the essentials when cabin lodging in West Virginia in winter

Pack the essentials when cabin lodging in West Virginia in winter
Cabins can make for incredibly romantic getaways and great rendezvous points, but snow can make it difficult to travel.

If you're vacationing in the mountains of West Virginia this winter, there's always a chance you could be snowed-in while staying in a cabin or lodge. Cabins in both the highlands and low-lying valleys make for incredibly romantic getaways and family rendezvous points, but a heavy snow can make it difficult to travel safely, leaving you stranded for days.


By packing the essentials, however, you'll be better prepared for a potential lock-down and will stay safe, happy, and relaxed.

Water and Non-Perishable Foods

First and foremost, make sure you pack plenty of water and non-perishable food like protein and energy bars. They'll come in handy if you can't make it back out to a local store or supermarket. You'll be able to feel full and relaxed knowing you have plenty of water. Don't hesitate to pack empty containers and fill them from the tap if the water is still running in the cabin.

CBD Edibles

To avoid cabin fever as well as the anxiety that comes with it, pack away some . They can be great for promoting calm and a relaxed attitude during a stressful situation. Being stuck may seem daunting and scary, especially when it could be several days before you're able to get out. CBD edibles will help to relieve anxiety and allow you to calm down.



Board games and other gaming options are great for staving-off boredom while you're snowed in, especially when kids are involved. Children can grow bored within minutes or hours of being stuck in a cabin, so it's imperative you have games they will enjoy playing to keep them entertained while stuck inside. Board games and other non-electric options are ideal in cases in which cell and wi-fi service are unavailable.

Emergency Radio

An emergency radio will come in handy during extreme weather events as it enables you to monitor weather reports and gives you an option to charge mobile devices. Emergency radio may be your lifeline to the outside world, if you're stuck and need rescue.

Backup Power Supply for Charging

If you're relying on tablets and cell phones, bring a back-up charger. They can often help charge a device for an hour or two before they lose power, but this will give you more than enough time to alert friends and family that you're stuck and might need help.

Handheld Shovel

A hand-held shovel comes in handy because it enables you to get out of the cabin safely if you are snowed in. The shovel should have a smaller handle that telescopes to become longer, making it effortless for you to shovel yourself out of a rough situation.


Wipes and Toiletries

If it is going to be a few days before you are able to get out of the cabin, it's important you make use of wipes and toiletries to keep you clean and tidy if you have no access to water. These are also a great way to keep everyone sanitary, even when water is not available.

Blankets and Heavy Clothing

Blankets and heavy clothing can be important for keeping you warm if the heat should go out. Look for items that have thermal linings, as these use the body's natural heating to keep itself warm, and invest in good sleeping bags with thermal protection.

By packing the right essentials for your next of West Virginia, you can be sure to have a holiday that you will not soon forget. Also, the right items make your trip a lot safer if you happen to get stuck with family and friends.

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