Why is West Virginia so appealing to homebuyers and families?

Why is West Virginia so appealing to homebuyers and families?
Tourists walk Potomac Street in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

When West Virginia split off from Virginia and became a state in 1861, no one would have thought about how it might stand out from the state it left behind. West Virginia offers residents a low cost of living, breathtaking scenery, and a laid-back business location in the heart of the busy east coast.


Low cost of living

West Virginia is often listed near the top of reports on the most affordable states. US News and World Report recently ranked West Virginia as the ninth state ranked for affordability. This ranking takes into account the cost of living and housing affordability. This is a much better cost of living rating than neighboring Pennsylvania, which ranks 36th, and 30th-ranked Virginia.

The result is that homeowners in West Virginia can have a lot more house for the same amount of money. A big house with a big backyard is a major draw for people wanting to leave states where property costs are enormous. With some fresh cans of paint and knowing the, aspiring homeowners in West Virginia can have a beautiful piece of property up and running at a fraction of the price they would in neighboring states.

Many homeowners in eastern West Virginia commute by train to the Washington, D.C., area. This allows them to own their dream home in West Virginia. They also take advantage of that are available to those who own historic and older homes. West Virginia's rich history includes many examples of early American architecture.


Incredible natural beauty

Natural beauty abounds in West Virginia! The , which extends from Maine to Georgia, winds through some of the most scenic areas of the state. The historic Chesapeake & Ohio Canal snakes through Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and into the Potomac River near Washington, D.C. It offers year-round activities for sightseers and adventure seekers.

Historic Sites

The town of Harpers Ferry holds a significant place in American History. Situated at where West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland meet, it was a key historic and transportation location before, during, and after the Civil War. Both the Appalachian Trail and the C&O Canal go through Harpers Ferry.


There are many more historical places and attractions in West Virginia that will appeal to history buffs and casual visitors. Early American architecture is proudly on display in places such as Travelers Rest, Campbell Mansion, the Davis & Elkins Historic District in Randolph County, and the West Virginia Independence Hall.

Centrally located for travel

West Virginia is ideally located for quick travel to locations throughout the eastern half of the country. Wheeling is centrally located between New York and Chicago with flights to either destination taking just over one hour. The Interstate highway system has all areas of the state covered. Commuters and train travelers will find access to Amtrak and regional rail services in several West Virginia cities.

Low-key business destination


West Virginia is also a great place to do business. It has become recognized as a key center for the recent boom in manufacturing and industry. With a solid transportation network, close proximity to East Coast government and economic corridors, and an influx of skilled workers, West Virginia offers established business owners and entrepreneurs an ideal location to set up shop.

The low cost-of-living in West Virginia makes it an opportunity that should not be passed up. It is a place where people can purchase the best and biggest house at affordable prices. Anyone who is looking for a place to raise a family and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in the country should take a look at all that West Virginia has to offer.

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