New tourism marketer surprised about West Virginia vision

New tourism marketer surprised about West Virginia vision
Seth Withers, a marketing consultant who's managing West Virginia tourism clients, gears up for a bike race.

A new marketing consultant for says he's found enthusiasm he hadn't expected as he rediscovers the Mountain State after living in South Carolina.


Seth Withers maintained a connection with his home state after moving in 2000—returning often to hike, bike, and visit family—but as he began to talk with clients, he was increasingly surprised by a collective positive attitude in the travel industry.

"I was happy to find out that there was a common enthusiasm about West Virginia tourism," Withers says.

"Many customers I've spoken with think the state will be a principal tourism destination in another ten to twenty years, attracting people the surrounding cities


"And many older folk in the industry say that though their own children have moved away, they expect their grandchildren will return."

Withers spent much of the last month speaking with advertisers, potential advertisers, and travel industry leaders as he assumes a role as a marketing consultant with the online magazine and travel guide, which reaches more than 90,000 readers monthly.

Publisher David Sibray says Withers brings valuable insight to the marketing team, especially where adventure tourism is concerned.

Formerly a sales representatives in performance athletics apparel, he's well aware of the outdoor adventure market growing across much of West Virginia, Sibray said.


Withers is also a development partner for a South Carolina auto festival, publisher of a camping resource gateway, and the director of sales for an automotive podcast network.

"He understands the needs of travel-industry advertisers on a level that's sure to help us build the market here in West Virginia," Sibray said.

Withers may be reached at 803-493-4597 or

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