Seven romantic places to visit this year in West Virginia

Seven romantic places to visit this year in West Virginia
Where the pace of life is slow and folks are friendly, anytime is a good time for a romantic visit to West Virginia.

Scenic West Virginia harbors innumerable romantic spots in which to celebrate a connection with your amour. No matter the time of the year, you'll find seemingly limitless sites to visit and places to eat, stay and play with your loved one.


Hillbrook Inn & Spa, Charles Town

Whether visitors to the Mountain State discovered their partners at top dating sites like or on blind dates at the local pub, many have found West Virginia an ideal place in which to build their relationships, and the mind-blowing views of mountains and endless sea of green tree-tops will further seal your romantic union.

Here are some of the best romantic places to share with your partner in West Virginia:

Hillbrook Inn & Spa

In historic Charles Town, is an ideal romantic hideaway. Its luxurious surroundings, coupled with modern amenities, make it the perfect spot for relaxation and romance. Hillbrook boasts a quiet, serene environment and all the seclusion of an au-naturale healing retreat.


The Greenbrier

If you’re looking for luxury, the spa, casino, and world-class restaurants at The Greenbrier may be the answer. The resort extends serenity and relaxation in a thousand ways. Remember it is the home to world-class spa treatments and fine dining. Explore the kind of relaxation you never knew existed with your flirty partner.

Blackwater Falls State Park

The Blackwater Falls at Blackwater Falls State Park are among the most photographed destinations in West Virginia. A walk to the falls or any other natural landmark on the property is sure to help win the affections of your intended. Be sure to consider a romantic stay in one of the park cabins or in its lodge.

Star Gazing at Spruce Knob

Nothing beats a scenic drive up, up, up to the highest peak in West Virginia—Spruce Knob. Here you'll discover a tundra of barren rocks and windswept trees more characteristic of northern Canada. Stargazing here is exceptional, offering some of the most star-spangled skies east of the Mississippi.

Cozy Cabin Getaways

Heart tub at County Road Cabins.

Cozy cabin retreats may be found throughout the Mountain State, though those best suited for romantic getaways include the luxury cabins at near the New River Gorge. Several of the Country Road cabins are famous for their heart-shaped tubs. Two cabins are tree-houses, providing couples an exceptional retreat they'll never forget.


Laury’s Restaurant

No place in West Virginia's capital city, Charleston, beats the mouth-watering food served at . It's also one of the most romantic dining venues the Mountain State offers. Laury’s boasts a stunning interior that includes crystal chandeliers. It's renowned worldwide for its upscale American and French-infused foods, desserts, and wines.

Canaan Valley

The Canaan Valley is among the loftiest upland valleys in the eastern U.S. and is home to three ski resorts, two state parks, a national wildlife refuge, and thousands of acres of national forest. Where better to take your love on a winter vacation? Ski season in West Virginia extends from late November into early March, but the valley is a delightful place to visit year-round.

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