W.Va. DNR announces winners of the 2021 Gold Rush Giveaway

W.Va. DNR announces winners of the 2021 Gold Rush Giveaway
The star of the Gold Rush, a golden trout darts through a West Virginia stream. (Photo: W.Va. Dept. of Commerce)

Officials at the today announced the winners of the state's 2021 Gold Rush Giveaway, the annual statewide promotion of fishing in the Mountain State.


According to DNR Director Stephen McDaniel, 36 participants managed to catch one of 100 golden rainbow trout that were stocked in state-managed ponds and streams.

“Gold Rush was a big success this year, and I want to congratulate the winners of these great prizes,” McDaniel said.

“Thank you to everyone who got out there and cast their lines for golden rainbow trout. We look forward to providing more exciting opportunities to enjoy our state’s natural resources.”


The Gold Rush event included two ways to win giveaway prizes. Numbered tags were placed on 100 stocked golden trout. Anglers who caught a trout with a numbered tag could complete the submission form online at .

Anglers who didn’t reel in a tagged golden rainbow trout still had opportunities to enter a giveaway by signing up to receive travel tips and information from the division.

One lucky angler won the grand prize of a three-night cabin-stay at Blackwater Falls State Park. Other prizes include one-night cabin stays at various West Virginia state parks or forests, West Virginia State Parks gift cards, and exclusive Gold Rush merchandise.

In total, there are 36 giveaway prizes. Winners will be contacted to confirm the information and their prizes will be delivered via mail or email.


Grand Prize
Three-night cabin-stay at Blackwater Falls State Park

  • Ben Thompson

One-Night State Park Stays
One-night cabin-stay at Lost River State Park (1)

  • Andrew Neill

One-night cabin-stay at Watoga State Park (1)

  • Richard Logan

One-night cabin-stay at Kumbrabow State Forest (2)


  • Emilee Thorn
  • Kaegun Jackson

One-night cabin-stay at Greenbrier State Forest (2)

  • Travis Waybright
  • Toan Nguyen

One-night cabin-stay at Seneca State Forest (2)

  • Sam Hull
  • Tanner Bolyard

One-night cabin-stay at Cabwaylingo State Forest (2)

  • Josh Darby
  • Samuel E. Bivans, Sr.

$25 West Virginia State Parks Gift Card


  • Brian Masters
  • Dannie Lee Warden
  • Erik Cantrell
  • Hunter Taylor
  • Jonathan Toll
  • Jonathan Wratchford
  • Steven Stafford
  • Thomas Vandevender
  • Barbara Seckman
  • Ethan Odell

Exclusive Gold Rush Merchandise

  • Bob Toye
  • Donna Moses
  • Ellen Cook
  • Kenyon Warner
  • Mark Harris
  • Tyler Brunton
  • Sharon Heckstall
  • Robert Halloran
  • Rhonda Richardson
  • Renee Hoyman
  • Paula Drake
  • Pamela Smarr
  • Nathan Zerwig
  • Nanett Kelly
  • Megan Guan

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