Philippi Covered Bridge

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Covered bridge over the Tygart and Philippi

The Philippi Covered Bridge at Philippi, West Virginia, in Barbour County, spans the Tygart River and is a 285-foot-long "long" Burr truss. It is the oldest and longest covered bridge in West Virginia and is one of two remaining in Barbour County; the other is the Carrollton Covered Bridge. The bridge was built in 1852 by Eli and Lemuel Chenoweth, who built many such bridges in West Virginia. The historic Chenoweth home still stands in Beverly, West Virginia.

The Philippi bridge has been severely damaged at least seven times. After a fire nearly destroyed the bridge in 1989, it was painstakingly rebuilt to approximate its original appearance and was reopened to traffic in 1991. 

Composite photo of the Philippi Covered Bridge

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