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Geologic anomaly in southern West Virginia visible only from the air

David Sibray peers into a cave system in southern West Virginia.
SINKS GROVE, W.Va. — Unknown to many residents of the Greenbrier Valley in southern West Virginia, a six-mile crack in the surface of the...

Bigfoot sightings near Sutton, West Virginia, have historic precedent

Bigfoot allegedly caught on hunter's cam in Fayette County, West Virginia. The source has since been determined to be from Jeffrey Stoffel and Jenna Oleson.
SUTTON, W.Va. — Sightings of a bigfoot alleged in the wilderness surrounding Sutton Lake in central West Virginia may have a historical precedent. According to...

Strange rock carvings greeted early explorers of West Virginia

Images of beasts and men decorate a boulder at the Half-Moon archaeological site, now submerged beneath the Ohio River.
WEIRTON, W.Va. — When pioneers and other explorers first ventured into what would become West Virginia, they encountered artifacts of a much earlier age...

The horrific origin of the W.Va. city name "Wheeling" explained

The origin of the name "Wheeling" is more terrifying than any association it might otherwise be expected to have with "wheels."
WHEELING, W.Va. — To the average motorist hurtling through the City of Wheeling on Interstate 70, nothing about the place might seem particularly nefarious. An...

How the Pruntytown reformatory became a bogeyman in West Virginia

A farmhouse at Pruntytown was once part of the infamous boys' reformatory complex.
PRUNTYTOWN, W.Va. — If you were an unruly boy growing up in West Virginia before the 1980s, there's a chance your misbehaviors were met...

Remarkable stone face attracting curious in New River Gorge

An enigmatic stone face carved into mossy sandstone along the rim of the New River Gorge is attracting increased attention.
An enigmatic stone face carved into mossy sandstone along the rim of the New River Gorge in southern West Virginia is attracting increased attention...

Devil's Backbone continues to intrigue Pocahontas County visitors

Devils Backbone near Huntersville, West Virginia
Early settlers in Pocahontas County called it "The Devil's Backbone" as most believed such an unnatural thing could only be the work of evil....

Ghost town hidden in W.Va. may soon be accessible to hikers

A wagon road climbs the mountain behind the Dunglen Hotel, deep in the New River Gorge.
A little-known, practically inaccessible ghost town in the mountains of southern West Virginia may soon be open to those willing to hike there —...

Did the first U.S. serial killer live in a quiet corner...

Harry Powers, of Clarksburg, West Virginia, appears calm in this police photo.
QUIET DELL, W.Va. — On the morning of March 18, 1932, Harry Powers plummeted through the gallows at the West Virginia Penitentiary and dangled...

Old legend of Strange Creek might never be confirmed

STRANGE CREEK, W.Va. — Too much time may have passed to confirm anything of the indomitable legend of Strange Creek, long among the most...

Peculiar rock face near Ripley, W.Va., attracting more visitors

A six-foot-tall face carved by an eccentric sculptor in a cliff near Ripley, WV, is attracting more attention.
FAIRPLAIN, W.Va. — Carved on a quiet hillside by an eccentric sculptor in the 1950s, a curious rock face near Ripley, West Virginia, is...

Legend of ancient warpath along the W.Va. Turnpike is fact

The West Virginia Turnpike follows part of an ancient warpath through the West Virginia hills.
Older folks who live in the valley of Paint Creek may recall legends about how the stream was named: an ancient warpath followed it...


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