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Solomon's Seal ideal for wild, native, and shade gardens

Sunshine Farm and Gardens Wholesale Nursery near Lewisburg, West Virginia.
If you’ve read any of my past diatribes, you know that I favor scientific botanical nomenclature above common names. That’s caused many readers to...

Hearty beech fern ideal for the West Virginia garden

A Phegopteris hexagonoptera specimen stays lush even in droughty conditions.
Before we commence chatting about my favorite fern of all time, let’s get the nomenclature out of the way (nomenclature: a fancy, two-bit word...

Remarkable orchid's single leaf persists through winter in W.Va.

The remarkable leaf of Tipularia discolor stands out on the forest floor.
You may have to stretch your imagination a wee bit to embrace the common name of this very interesting West Virginia resident that’s also...

Pink-flowering redbud trees guided early W.Va. settlers

A redbud tree flowers on the edge of a West Virginia woodland.
Blossoming across the eastern U.S. in spring, redbud trees were notably important during the settlement of the Appalachian Mountains, where they indicated the presence...

Sarvis Tree blossoms signal the arrival of mountain spring

A sarvis tree blossoms on the edge of a barnyard in Wyoming County near Twin Falls State Park.
Seasons come and go in the temperate regions of the world with many false starts, but in the Appalachian Mountains, settlers knew spring had...

Single-leafed orchid grows wild in West Virginia woodlands

The single leaf of the Aplectrum hyemale orchid appears in winter.
This here story is a tale about a very interesting native plant that just happens to be one of the many species of orchids...

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