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Lesser-known facts about Coffindaffer's roadside crosses

Three crosses rise along a West Virginia ridge.
SUTTON, W.Va.—One night in 1984, the Reverend Bernard Coffindaffer had an epiphany. God called him, he explained afterward, to erect sets of three crosses...

New River Gorge in W.Va. to be designated national park

New River from Thunder Buttress, Fayette County, New River Gorge Region
The New River Gorge in southern West Virginia is set to become a national park, U.S. Senators Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Shelley Moore Capito...

Eight edible spring plants that grow wild in West Virginia

Common Blue Violets are among the edible plants one can find growing almost anywhere in West Virginia.
I hunt for undomesticated plants. Even though I have a substantial vegetable garden, which supplies my family with a steady supply of fresh, frozen,...

West Virginia landmark "Sinks of Gandy" still up for sale

Gandy Creek enters the legendary Sinks-of-Gandy Cave on a frigid morning. Photo courtesy Rick Burgess.
Every eighth-grader enrolled in West Virginia History learns of the Sinks of Gandy—a legendary cave through which Gandy Creek travels and amateur spelunkers often...

Isolated Webster County in W.Va. once declared itself a state

Cliffs in Hacker Valley, Webster County, Allegheny Highlands Region
WEBSTER SPRINGS, W.Va. — Perhaps no county in West Virginia is as isolated as Webster County. Entirely mountainous, no expressway or U.S. highway ventures...

Winter tale recalls deadly aspect of Allegheny Mountains in W.Va.

Snow at Seneca Rocks, Pendleton County, Potomac Branches Region
THOMAS, W.Va. — The Allegheny Mountains in eastern West Virginia grow treacherous in winter—and hardly more so than along the western front of that...

Scenic trout stream lies hidden along West Virginia interstate

An angler casts into scenic Paint Creek, hidden just out of site of Interstates 64 and 77.
PAX, W.Va. — Few motorists traveling the West Virginia Turnpike between Beckley and Charleston know that one of the most beautiful trout streams in...

One-of-a-kind Christmas town opens in West Virginia highlands

Holiday lights twinkle in the historic district at Cass, West Virginia.
A remarkable Christmas town with its own "elf train" has come to life in the wintry Allegheny highlands near Snowshoe Mountain. One of the most...

Winter's chill recalls legend of West Virginia bear hunter

"The bear suddenly came down on the hunter's chest and as he did so, Bill caught him by the scruff of the neck and hacked with his knife until he was able to pierce the animal's brain."
The mountains that tower above the Birch River bear the brunt of winter storms that sweep across central West Virginia, and it was here...

Ramp feasts in West Virginia may witness post-peak growth

A mess of ramps cooks during the annual ramp dinner at Helvetia, West Virginia.
The worst of the pandemic seemingly over, West Virginia may witness the enthusiastic return of community ramp feasts in spring 2022, according to the...

Early White Half-Runner Beans originated in Calhoun County, W.Va.

An American favorite, Early White Half Runner Beans originated in Calhoun County, West Virginia.
The Early White Half-Runner Bean, beloved across the northern U.S., originated in West Virginia among the hill farms of southern Calhoun County. Though it...

West Virginia trail leads through garden of strange rocks

David Sibray explores boulders along the Honeycomb Rocks Trail in Pocahontas County, near Marlinton, West Virginia.
Wherever you turn in West Virginia, you're bound to find remarkable rocks, cliffs, and boulders, and some of them may appear bizarrely unnatural. One...


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