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West Virginia launches project to monitor lightning bugs

Lightning buys, also known as fireflies, dart around a backyard in a time-release photograph. (Photo: Mike Lewinski)
In an effort to understand declining firefly populations, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources has launched a citizen-science project to track lightning bug...

Short film documents promotion of Flatwoods Monster in '60s

The tale of the promotion of the Braxton County Monster in the 1960s unfolds in a new short film by Andrew Smith.
The tale of the Flatwoods Monster has attracted the curious to West Virginia since 1952 after rumors of an alleged encounter with an alien...

Justice awards more than $125 million for dozens of road projects

More than three dozen-road construction projects have been awarded by the West Virginia governor.
Bids have been awarded for more than three dozen paving and road-construction projects across West Virginia worth more than $125 million combined, Governor Jim...

W.Va. launches citizen science project to document box turtles

An eastern box turtle traverses a lawn in West Virginia. (Photo courtesy W.Va. Dept. of Commerce)
The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources has launched a citizen science project to track the distribution of eastern box turtles and is asking...

Shepherd Civil War center offers series of free online programs

The George Tyler Moore Center for Civil War History occupies one of many historic structures in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.
The Civil War center at Shepherd University is hosting a series of free programs online beginning April 17 to help inform, educate, and entertain...

Young wildlife should be left alone, say state biologists

A newborn white-tailed deer rests in a West Virginia woodlands.
West Virginia fields and forests teem with young wildlife in spring, and state biologists are reminding residents and visitors that disturbing young wildlife is...

Pink-flowering redbud trees guided early W.Va. settlers

A redbud tree flowers on the edge of a West Virginia woodland.
Blossoming across the eastern U.S. in spring, redbud trees were notably important during the settlement of the Appalachian Mountains, where they indicated the presence...

Sarvis Tree blossoms signal the arrival of mountain spring

A sarvis tree blossoms on the edge of a barnyard in Wyoming County near Twin Falls State Park.
Seasons come and go in the temperate regions of the world with many false starts, but in the Appalachian Mountains, settlers knew spring had...

New state park will attract business to lower Elk River

Elk River at Queens Shoals, WV, Clay County, Heartland Region
A new state park is among the many things people in West Virginia can look forward to once the quarantine is lifted. And while...

The Great Seal of West Virginia: what its symbols mean

An illustration of the West Virginia Coat of Arms includes elements set for by the state in 1863.
The Great Seal of West Virginia may be as fascinating to some West Virginians as the U.S. dollar bill is for many Americans. It's...

Biologists anticipate increased turkey harvest opportunity

Spring gobbler season in West Virginia is anticipated to be especially productive.
Turkey hunters in West Virginia can anticipate increased harvest opportunities during the 2020 spring gobbler season, which is scheduled to open Monday, April 20,...

Add movement to your plans, says WVU physical activity expert

A jogger runs past the Chambers College of Business and Economics during the coronavirus outbreak.
With a stay-at-home order in place across West Virginia, it’s a critical time to add exercise to your daily routine, says a physical activity...

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