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Welcome to the Wildlife news category at West Virginia Explorer, where you'll find a compendium of news regarding wildlife in West Virginia.

W.Va. DNR reports increased nuisance bear activity

Bears are infiltrating urban and suburban areas in remarkable numbers.
Due to an increase in nuisance bear activity being reported in West Virginia, biologists with the state Division of Natural Resources is asking residents...

Porcupine invasion reaches into south-central West Virginia

Native to northern Appalachia, porcupines have been slowly migrating south into West Virginia.
In some corners of West Virginia, resident rodents such as squirrels and beavers are sharing habitat with their slow-moving, short-sighted and very prickly cousin—the...

W.Va. biologists urge citizen participation in firefly project

Fireflies dance in a field in Nicholas County, West Virginia.
In an effort to understand declining firefly populations, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources is inviting the public to participate in a citizen...

W.Va. Wildlife Center resumes regular hours, rates

A baby raccoon closely watches photographer Gary Bendig. (Photo courtesy Gary Bendig)
The W.Va. Division of Natural Resources announces that the West Virginia Wildlife Center at French Creek has resumed regular admission rates and hours of...

Biologists in West Virginia study how to relocate rattlesnakes

A timber rattler peers out from a forest hiding spot.
Biologists with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources have teamed up with Marshall University graduate students to monitor the movement of timber rattlesnakes...

West Virginia launches project to monitor lightning bugs

Lightning buys, also known as fireflies, dart around a backyard in a time-release photograph. (Photo: Mike Lewinski)
In an effort to understand declining firefly populations, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources has launched a citizen-science project to track lightning bug...

W.Va. launches citizen science project to document box turtles

An eastern box turtle traverses a lawn in West Virginia. (Photo courtesy W.Va. Dept. of Commerce)
The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources has launched a citizen science project to track the distribution of eastern box turtles and is asking...

Young wildlife should be left alone, say state biologists

A newborn white-tailed deer rests in a West Virginia woodlands.
West Virginia fields and forests teem with young wildlife in spring, and state biologists are reminding residents and visitors that disturbing young wildlife is...

What have bats to do with the coronavirus outbreak?

Wildlife specialist Sheldon Owen notes that bats are not the chief culprits in zoonotic transmissions.
Densely wooded, West Virginia may be home to more than its share of bats—wheeling in the twilight as they feed on flying insects. But...

Watch for eastern box turtles on West Virginia backroads

An eastern box turtle eyes a cluster of wild strawberries in a West Virginia wood.
Thirteen species of turtle live in West Virginia, though the best known may be the eastern box turtle, which will be on the move...

Two wolves euthanized after escape from W.Va. Wildlife Center

As far as is known, the last eastern wolf roamed West Virginia until it was taken in Webster County in 1897.
Two gray wolves escaped their enclosure at the West Virginia Wildlife Center, near French Creek, West Virginia, according to a spokesperson for the West...

Program helps W.Va. students raise trout, learn about wildlife

West Virginia students learn about trout habitat during a field trip.
Students in West Virginia are learning about environmental stewardship by raising trout in their classroom and releasing them into the wild. The interactive program, called...

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