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Welcome to the Wildlife news category at West Virginia Explorer, where you'll find a compendium of news regarding wildlife in West Virginia.

Justice announces five-year project to restore bobwhite

Bobwhite were heard across much of West Virginia until the late 1970s.
West Virginia has launched a five-year project to restore northern bobwhite quail, a native species that was decimated during the winters of 1977, 1978,...

Motorists encounter rare sight in southern West Virginia

Cars lined up along a road in the New River Gorge to witness a rare combat.
Motorists visiting the New River Gorge in West Virginia yesterday might have thought they had encountered a two-headed eagle engaged in a fight with...

W.Va. seeks landowners interested in improving wildlife habitat

Resident of old forests, a cerulean warbler perches on a beech.
To help support native wildlife, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources is seeking private landowners who are interested in improving habitat on their...

Here's what to do if you cross paths with a black...

A black bear hides in a thicket in rural West Virginia
Spring is here, and that means black bears in West Virginia are coming out of hibernation and searching for food. Because bears are becoming more...

Beyond D.C. lights, bobcats roam the West Virginia hills

A bobcat perches on a tree limb in the mountains of West Virginia. Photo courtesy W.Va. Dept. of Commerce.
On the western edge of the D.C. metro, elusive bobcats roam the darkness in the hills of West Virginia. Just how many, state biologists...

“Snakes of West Virginia” program coming to Holly River State Park

Holly River State Park will host "Snakes of West Virginia," a family program investigating native West Virginia snakes, at 2 p.m. on July 6,...

Fifty elk to be released "softly" into W.Va. in re-populaton effort

More than 20 calves could join the herd of elk being released in W.Va.
Fifty elk will be released "softly" into the mountains of southern West Virginia this summer in an effort to reestablish the animal in its...

Bear in all 55 W.Va. counties; officials warn, "Do not feed!"

A black bear hides in a thicket in rural West Virginia
Black bears are now found in all 55 counties in West Virginia, and officials at the W.Va. Division of Natural Resources are warning residents...

Invasive snakehead fish dumped in Berkeley County stream

Invasive Northern Snakehead dumped in Opequon Creek according to state, federal officials.
The W.Va. Division of Natural Resources and U.S. Geological Survey have confirmed that a northern snakehead fish was killed in another body of water...

W.Va. governor to speak at elk-release event near Logan

Fifty elk will be released in the Tomblin Wildlife Management Area
The W.Va. Division of Natural Resources will host a public ceremony May 15 to introduce 50 elk recently acquired from Arizona. Gov. Jim Justice and...

Remarkable avian guests visit West Virginia in winter

A Snowy Owl crouches in grass
Winter is the only season in which several remarkable species are present in West Virginia, and nearly every storm brings new avian visitors. One...

Public invited to Groundhog Day fest at W.Va. Wildlife Center

French Creek Freddie is inviting the public to join him Feb 2 at French Creek.
West Virginia’s official weather-predicting groundhog, French Creek Freddie will leave his den Feb. 2 to predict the approach of spring and is inviting visitors...

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