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Welcome to the Wildlife news category at West Virginia Explorer, where you'll find a compendium of news regarding wildlife in West Virginia.

French Creek Freddie predicts early spring for West Virginia

French Creek Freddie, a favorite resident of the W.Va. Wildlife Center, will offer his advice on the weather this weekend.
FRENCH CREEK, W.Va. — Get ready for an early spring, West Virginia! French Creek Freddie called for warmer temperatures during his annual Groundhog Day...

W.Va. launches citizen science survey of hellbenders, mudpuppies

A hellbender gazes back at the camera from an aquarium exhibit.
SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. — To learn more about the distribution of odd-looking hellbenders and mudpuppies, the W.Va. Division of Natural Resources has launched a...

46th Groundhog Day being celebrated at W.Va. Wildlife Center

French Creek Freddie, a favorite resident of the W.Va. Wildlife Center, will offer his advice on the weather this weekend.
FRENCH CREEK, W.Va. — Will West Virginia suffer more winter or enjoy an early spring? "French Creek Freddie," the Mountain State's unofficial weather-prognosticating groundhog,...

Biologist suggests origin for strange name of West Virginia stream

An old Virginian Railroad trestle spans Gooney Otter Hollow at Covel, West Virginia. (Photo: David Sibray)
COVEL, W.Va. — From high among the peaks of Great Flat Top Mountain in southern West Virginia, there descends a stream that bears a...

Governor unveils initiative to restore bobwhite in West Virginia

Justice feeds quail
ALUM CREEK, W.Va. — The W.Va. Division of Natural Resources is stocking more than 20,000 bobwhite quail this autumn at wildlife management areas across...

West Virginia seeks resident opinions about black bears

A black bear wanders the woodlands in rural West Virginia.
BECKLEY, W.Va. — The W.Va. Division of Natural Resources is conducting a scientific study on black bears and black bear management that will involve...

W.Va. seeks landowners interested in improving wildlife habitat

Resident of old forests, a cerulean warbler perches on a beech.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The W.Va. Division of Natural Resources, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service, is seeking private...

Wildlife center at Forks-of-Coal natural area set to open

Paddlers explore the state natural area at the Forks-of-Coal State Natural Area.
A new wildlife education center at the 102-acre Forks-of-Coal State Natural Area near Charleston, West Virginia, is set to open in spring and is...

Porcupine invasion reaches into south-central West Virginia

Native to northern Appalachia, porcupines have been slowly migrating south into West Virginia.
In some corners of West Virginia, resident rodents such as squirrels and beavers are sharing habitat with their slow-moving, short-sighted, and very prickly cousin—the...

W.Va. lifts ban on feeding birds in its eastern panhandle

Birds gather at a feeder in the Appalachian Mountains.
An investigation into diseased birds found in the eastern panhandle has concluded that reports of affected birds have declined since July, according to the...

W.Va. State Parks announces return of guided elk-viewing tours

An elk, or wapiti, lingers in an upland field in the Tomblin Wildlife Management Area.
Wildlife enthusiasts and outdoor lovers who want a chance to see West Virginia's growing elk herd up close and in a natural setting may...

State partners with Toyota to promote pollinator conservation

Rachel Rosenberg, a partner biologist with W.Va. Division of Natural Resources and Natural Resources Conservation Service, demonstrates planting techniques.
Landowners in the Kanawha Valley had a hands-on opportunity to learn how to create pollinator habitats on their properties through a recent workshop hosted...


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