Ceredo, West Virginia

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Ceredo, WV (West Virginia), lies along the Ohio River in western West Virginia in Wayne County.

Ceredo, WV (West Virginia), a community on the in , was founded in 1857 and incorporated 1966. The town was named after Ceres, the Greek goddess of grain and harvest, because of the agricultural opportunities that apparently existed there at that time.

, the Massachusetts congressman who suggested the name, dreamed of founding a manufacturing center at Ceredo coincident with his activities to aid the emigration of anti-slavery men to Kansas. The , raised by a close associate of Thayer, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Ceredo is located adjacent to Kenova, West Virginia, and the two towns share many resources.

Lodging near Ceredo, West Virginia

Parks & Public Recreation

The following parks and recreation areas are located within 20 miles of Ceredo.

  • Virginia Point Park (Kenova)
  • Altizer Park (Huntington)
  • David Harris Riverfront Park (Huntington)
  • Kiwanis Park (Huntington)
  • Prindle Field (Huntington)
  • Riverside Park (Huntington)
  • Ritter Park (Huntington)
  • Saint Cloud Commons (Huntington)


Ceredo is on highway US-60 near Interstate 64 approximately 15 miles west of Huntington, West Virginia, and 22 miles north of the county seat at Wayne, West Virginia.

Map of Ceredo, West Virginia

Regional Information

Ceredo is located in the Metro Valley Region in western West Virginia.