Taylor County, West Virginia

Taylor County, West Virginia, Court House, Grafton, Monongahela Valley Region
Courthouse, Taylor County, West Virginia

Taylor County, in northeastern West Virginia (WV), was created in 1844 and named in honor of Senator John Taylor of Caroline. Its seat is at Grafton. The Tygart Valley River courses northward through the county and is impounded in its south as Tygart Lake.

The county is almost entirely rural, and its chief industries are farming and coal mining. Railroading was formerly a chief source of commerce in Grafton. The home of Anna Jarvis, the founder of the Mother's Day, and the International Mother's Day Shrine, at Grafton, are popular tourist attractions. As of the 2010 census, the county population was 16,895.

Cities & Towns in Taylor County

Fetterman, West Virginia
Flemington, West Virginia
Grafton, West Virginia
Knottsville, West Virginia
Lesmalinston, West Virginia
Lucretia, West Virginia
Meadland, West Virginia
Pruntytown, West Virginia
Rosemont, West Virginia
Simpson, West Virginia
Thornton, West Virginia

Parks & Public Recreation Facilities

Pleasant Creek Wildlife Management Area
Pruntytown Wildlife Management Area
Tygart Lake State Park
Valley Falls State Park

Taylor County Historic Landmarks

Grafton National Cemetery (Grafton, WV)

Regional Information for Taylor County, West Virginia

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