Monongahela Valley Real Estate

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Reedsville, West Virginia, Preston County, Monongahela Valley Region
Home at Reedsville, West Virginia

Monongahela Valley real estate includes farms, vacation properties, mountain getaways, and homes for sale in historic neighborhoods in and near Weston, Fairmont, Clarksburg, Bridgeport, and Morgantown. The region is renowned for its delightful small towns and high-tech infrastructure. The valley has long been a famous vacation destination and retreat from the Pittsburgh metropolitan area on the Monongahela River downstream.


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Historian and publisher David Sibray has made a life’s work of promoting West Virginia and its landscape, as a marketer of tourism and of farms, forests, and fine homes. An expert in the field of historic preservation, he sits on the board of the state’s Preservation Alliance and brings a wealth of knowledge to the sale of heritage properties.