ACE sponsorship: a big win for West Virginia tourism

ACE sponsorship: a big win for West Virginia tourism
Rafters with ACE Adventure Resort on the lower New River

The development team at West Virginia Explorer would like to thank ACE Adventure Resort  for its support of the guide's 2014 reboot, which will be unveiled in its final form in March. Among the chief sponsors of the reboot, ACE had long been one of the principal advertisers associated with the guide, which ACE's communications director called one of the "Big Three" of tourism marketing in West Virginia.

"West Virginia Explorer has long been among the top three West Virginia websites we've used to bring in rafters," Beth Gill said of the company's decision to support the remastering.

ACE Resort provided the funding necessary to write and edit thousands of pages of information. As promised, explorers of West Virginia will find forums, galleries, and thousands of interactive articles authored by professional writers where the long-standing flagship site for West Virginia Explorer had existed.

The new site will also solicit visitors to enlist for free memberships, which will qualify them for travel packages and prompt them to sign up for specialty newsletters. Thanks, ACE, for helping us build West Virginia!

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