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Exploring Shawnee Park Mound near Dunbar, West Virginia, for Prehistoric Landmarks Initiative
Ancient burial mounds and other prehistoric sites in West Virginia will be promoted through a new initiative launching this spring.

Burial mounds, mysterious carvings, inexplicable stone walls — relics of the prehistoric past are found throughout West Virginia, but perhaps too few people know of them, and West Virginia Explorer would like to change that.

This week we’ll launch an eight-month initiative to locate every protected public landmark of native and prehistoric origin and publish it here in January 2015 where readers and other contributors can build on the information.

Editor surveys Shawnee Park Mound

Instead of using traditional means of advertising to fund the project, we’ve decided to open support to anyone who would like to contribute and lend their name to the initiative. In return for your support, we’ll add your name, or the name of your organization, to a roster of sponsors to be published in conjunction with the guide.

Let me stress that West Virginia Explorer will not publish information on endangered sites or those at which protections against looting and vandalism have not been provided.  All it takes is the click of a button at Paypal to join in the project. Provide as much or as little funding as you like. We’re all inclusive. Be sure to add your name or the name of the person or organization to recognize.

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