"Fallout 76" driving record traffic to West Virginia Explorer

The megasloth from Fallout 76.
The megasloth from Fallout 76, a reiteration of the ? Screencap from Bethesda Game Studios.

Fallout from the announced release of the "Fallout 76" West Virginia-based video game is driving record traffic to West Virginia Explorer, according to its publisher.


The post-apoclyptic game set in West Virginia features many of the landmarks and characters about which the guide has published.

"Our advertisers should certainly be happy that we're driving numbers like this," says David Sibray, who's been publishing the top-ranking online guide to West Virginia since 1999.

"I've never seen anything like it. Rather than hundreds, literally thousands of people are visiting WVExplorer.com every hour.


Sibray said technicians are working overtime to manage the dramatic increase in traffic and prepare to manage traffic yet to come as the game is released.

is part of the series of post-apocalyptic games set in the 22nd and 23rd centuries in a world ravaged by total nuclear war and destruction.

Todd Howard, the director and executive producer at Fallout’s publisher, Bethesda, said that Fallout 76 is a prequel to all other games.

Vault 76 has been mentioned in previous Fallout games and, Howard revealed, ‘Vault 76, one of the very first vaults to open was built to celebrate America’s tercentenary, which is an awesome word by the way.’


‘You are one of the very special few selected to be an occupant and spend 25 years underground waiting for Reclamation Day — the day vault opens."

Sibray suggest advertisers interested in reaching the West Virginia travel market contact the West Virinia Explorer's director of sales and marketing, Margaret Green, at 304-647-5637 (office) or 304-646-0950 (mobile).



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