Broadcast your West Virginia business in the news!

Broadcast your West Virginia business in the news!
Businesses in the Mountain State can engage West Virginia Explorer to find and promote them across news affiliates.

If you've had the benefit of seeing your business profiled in the news, you know how immediate and far-reaching the impact can be. Nothing boosts a business like a news story, and thanks to the Internet, news stories can be broadcast further and faster than ever.


now provides a news-profile service about which you might have yet to be aware. You'll immediately begin to reach thousands of readers when you engage our publicists to promote your business through our online magazine and affiliate networks.

Businesses can target in-state and out-of-state customers, and our staff can manage additional promotions through affiliates and social media networks. Articles are guaranteed to be published for ten years with follow-through links to subject websites, and profile packages begin at $300.

Publisher Dave Sibray says the news-profile program is designed carefully for each business and each service, and he is engaged in orchestrating each.


"Every new profile and promotion requires a new approach. To hit a home run every time, we have to work carefully to find the news, coordinate the approach, and launch the campaign," Sibray said.

"It isn't easy, but we can do it quickly, and I love doing it, which is how we've been able to help so many clients over the past 23 years."

Businesses may also choose to make adjustments to the profiles from time to time to allow them to launch new campaigns and recirculate their profiles.

Contact Sibray at 304-575-7390 or to get started or find out more. We work fast to make sure you hit the market running.


Example News Profile Stories

The following client needed to boost the profile of their commercial property, which is for sale in Fayetteville. We used timely information regarding the growth of international visitation to gain news value. The story can now be boosted across social media.

International tourism growing at new national park in W.Va.


The Beckley Arts Center requested help marketing a series of collectible prints. Our interview with the artist allowed us to find a hook that reached a far larger audience. Saja Montague said the center sold out swiftly and gained widespread attention. "We made a lot a lot of sales from out-of-state people. Everyone said they grew up in Beckley and wanted to purchase them as a gift for a relative as a reminder of where they grew up."

Artist says former West Virginians captivated by West Virginia imagery

We worked with Mesereau Travel Public Relations to promote a story about the New River Gorge that swiftly attracted more than 5,000 readers. Stories can be recirculated again and again to attract readers and build ranking for business websites.


12 remarkable facts about the New River Gorge in West Virginia

Contact publisher Dave Sibray at 304-575-7390 or at to get started or find out more about the news-profile program.

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