New River Gorge National River

New River from Thunder Buttress, Fayette County, New River Gorge Region
New River from Thunder Buttress

The New River Gorge National River protects the New River Gorge and more than 72,000 acres of the valley of the New River in southern West Virginia. The national river includes part of the New River Gorge, near Ansted and Fayetteville and relatively remote sections of the valley of the New River southward near Beckley and Hinton.

More than 50 miles of recreational trail in the park accommodate hiking, biking, and horseback riding, though sightseeing, rock climbing, whitewater rafting are among its primary draws. The New River in its gorge is one of the most popular whitewater rafting runs in the U.S., and the cliffs that line the rim of the New River Gorge are among the most popular climbing destinations in the eastern U.S. Thousands of visitors tour park landmarks annually, including its overlooks, ghost towns, and the New River Gorge Bridge.

Full-time visitor centers for the New River Gorge National River are located in the northern parkland at Lansing, WV, near the New River Gorge Bridge, and in its southern reaches at Sandstone, WV, near Sandstone Falls. Seasonal visitor centers are located in the national historic district at Thurmond, WV, and at Grandview.

The New River Gorge National River is managed by the National Park Service, which also oversees the nearby  Bluestone National Scenic River and the Gauley River National Recreation Area.

New River Gorge National River
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Further information on lodging, dining, and recreation near the New River Gorge National River may be found in our guide to travel in the New River Gorge Region of southern West Virginia, in which the national river area is located.

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