Washington & Jefferson National Forests

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The George Washington & Jefferson National Forests protect more than 1.8 million acres in Virginia, Kentucky, and West Virginia (WV). The forest was formerly managed separately as the Jefferson National Forest and the George Washington National Forest.

Two areas of the forest are located in West Virginia. Part of the Jefferson, including its Mountain Lake Wilderness, is located in Monroe County, in southern West Virginia. Parts of the George Washington are located in , , and counties, in eastern West Virginia. Large parts of both forests in Virginia flank the West Virginia border and adjoin the Monongehela National Forest. Fishing, hiking, hunting, camping, and wildlife observation are primary recreational pursuits accommodated in the forest areas in West Virginia.

National Forest Communities

In southeastern West Virginia, the communities of , Waitville, Gap Mills, Sweet Springs, and  adjoin or approach the national forest. In eastern West Virginia, the communities of Baker, Mathias, Lost City, Lost River, Capon Springs, Yellow Springs, and adjoin or approach the northern segment in Hardy and Hampshire counties, and the communities of , Sugar Grove, Brandywine, and Fort Seybert adjoin or approach the southern segment in Pendleton County.

The George Washington & Jefferson National Forests are managed by the U.S. Forest Service, often in concert with the adjacent Monongahela National Forest.

George Washington & Jefferson National Forests

Regional Information

Further information on lodging, dining, and recreation in and near the George Washington & Jefferson National Forests may be found in our guides to travel in the Greenbrier Valley Region in southeastern West Virginia and the Potomac Branches Region in eastern West Virginia.