Matewan, West Virginia

Storefronts in Matewan, West Virginia, Mingo County, Hatfield & McCoy Region
Storefronts in Matewan, WV

Matewan, West Virginia (WV), a community on the Tug River in Mingo County, was founded in 1897 and named for Matewan, New York, hometown of the engineer who platted it. In 1920, the battle to unionize coal mines in southern West Virginia erupted in a fatal shootout at Matewan. The John Sayles movie "Matewan" (1987) is based the shootout since known as the Matewan Massacre or Battle of Matewan.

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Vacation cottage, Matewan, WV, Mingo County, Hatfield & McCoy Region
ATV cottage at Matewan, WV

A trailhead for the Buffalo Mountain ATV Trail network joins Mate Street in downtown Matewan.


Matewan is located on highway WV-49 approximately 14 miles southeast of Williamson, West Virginia and seven miles northeast of Delorme, West Virginia.

Map of Matewan, West Virginia

Regional Information

Matewan is located in the Hatfield & McCoy Region in southwestern West Virginia.