Saint Marys, West Virginia

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Trail on Middle Island, Saint Marys, West Virginia

Saint Marys, West Virginia (WV), the county seat of Pleasants County, was chartered in 1815 and named in 1859 by its founder, Alexander H. Creel, in honor of the Virgin Mary. According to legend, the mother of Christ appeared to Creel one night as the steamer upon which he was traveled passed the point on the where he afterwards established the town. The Cain House, which was established by Creel as a riverside inn and tavern, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Lodging near Saint Marys, West Virginia

Parks & Recreation

Saint Marys is situated at the mouth of Middle Island Creek below Middle Island, the only island in the Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge that is accessible by motor vehicle.


Saint Marys is located on highways WV-2  and WV-16 approximately three miles east of Belmont, West Virginia, 14 miles northwest of Ellenboro, West Virginia, 17 miles southwest of Sistersville, West Virginia, 20 miles east of Williamstown, West Virginia, and 15 miles northeast of the I-77 expressway at Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Map of Saint Marys, West Virginia

Regional Information

Saint Marys is located in the Mid-Ohio Valley Region in northwestern West Virginia. Further information may also be found through the .