W.Va. promotes spring trout-stocking schedule

W.Va. promotes spring trout-stocking schedule
A father and daughter enjoy a family fishing trip in West Virginia. Photo courtesy W.Va. Dept. of Commerce.

In an effort to encourage families and new anglers to enjoy fishing during the spring 2019 season, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources is promoting the locations of 69 trout stockings scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays.


Locations were selected based on proximity to state parks and adequate access points and to accommodate anglers and hatchery staff, according to division director Stephen McDaniel.

“Friday and Saturday stockings provide a unique fishing opportunity for anglers who work or attend school during regularly scheduled trout stockings,” McDaniel said of the initiative.

“Weekend stockings also help us recruit new anglers and help families make weekend plans at our beautiful state parks and forests.”


In addition to these announced stockings, personnel will stock fish at unannounced locations on Saturdays this spring.

Where feasible, efforts are being made to stock on Saturdays instead of Mondays, McDaniel said.

Announced stockings will begin Friday, March 15, and continue through Friday, May 17.

These stockings correspond with the annual stocking schedule, published in the and are not additional or surplus stockings.


Anglers can anticipate the stockings to include the same amount and variety of trout typically stocked in these waters, McDaniel said.

Anglers are not permitted to fish within 200 feet of division staff during a stocking event. Licensing requirements remain the same. Licenses may be purchased at agents across the state or online at .

2019 Announced Stocking Schedule

Dates marked with an asterisk indicate golden rainbow trout stockings during West Virginia's Gold Rush Week, April 1-6.

Audra State Park 
Middle Fork River – March 22, April 12, May 10


Blackwater Falls State Park 
Pendleton Lake – March 15, April 6*
Blackwater River – March 22, April 5*, April 26, May 10
Thomas Park Lake – March 15, April 6*

Cacapon Resort State Park
Cacapon State Park lakes - March 22, April 6*, April 19, May 10

Camp Creek State Park 
Camp Creek – March 29, April 12
Mash Fork - March 29, April 12

Canaan Valley Resort State Park 
Glady Fork – March 29, April 19, May 17
Shavers Fork (Lower/Bemis) - March 29, April 19, May 17


Cass Scenic Railroad State Park
Greenbrier River – April 6*

Chief Logan State Park 
Chief Logan Lake – March 15

Coopers Rock State Forest 
Big Sandy – March 22, April 5, April 19, May 17
Coopers Rock Lake - March 22, April 5*, April 19, May 17

Holly River State Park 
Laurel Fork [within the park] – March 22, April 5, May 3
Left Fork of Holly River – March 22, April 5, May 3


Little Beaver State Park
Little Beaver Lake – April 5*
Glade Creek of New River – April 5

North Bend State Park
North Bend Tailwaters – April 6*

Pipestem Resort State Park
Longbranch Lake – March 22, April 6*

Seneca State Forest
Seneca Lake – March 22, April 5*, May 3


Stonewall Jackson Lake Tailwater – March 22, April 6*, May 3,
Sutton Tailwater – March 22, April 6*, May 3
Burnsville Tailwater – March 22, April 6*, May 3

Tomlinson Run State Park
Tomlinson Run Lake – March 15
King Creek – March 15
Tomlinson Run – March 15

Tygart Lake State Park
Tygart Tailwaters – April 5*, May 3

Watoga State Park
Watoga Lake – March 22, April 6*, April 12, May 3
Greenbrier River (Marlinton) – March 22, April 12



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