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Welcome to the History news directory at West Virginia Explorer, where you’ll find an archive of the most recent West Virginia history news published at West Virginia Explorer.

Herds of wild hog once roamed the West Virginia hills

Wild hogs once roamed West Virginia in great numbers.
On occasion, you might hear old-timers speak of a time when herds of wild hogs were hunted in the West Virginia hills. Chances are, they...

Mine Wars scholar: new generation rediscovering conflict

Miners are armed for battle during the West Virginia Mine Wars.
A new generation is discovering the history of the West Virginia Mine Wars, says a scholar who will speak as a guest lecturer Oct....

Story of heroic slave who defended frontier fort varies

A pyramidal monument was raised at Lewisburg, West Virginia, to the memory of frontier hero Dick Pointer.
Settlers who pushed across the Alleghenies in the 1700s were engaging in a deadly gamble. Some called them foolhardy, though the daring few who...

September 27-29 welcomes historical tours of New River region

New River Gorge at Beauty Mountain, WV, Fayette County, New River Gorge Region
Falling leaves in autumn reveal a landscape in which old farms, ghost towns, and other historic sites have been cloaked through summer. That's why it's...

Lost Mercer Saltworks known to only a few locals, adventurers

David Sibray inspects stonework in a thicket near the old saltworks.
The legend of the Mercer Saltworks may be remembered now by only a few, and its ruins—tumbled stones along an isolated stream—may be known...

Civil War lecture series set for Sept. 28 in Charleston

West Virginia Archives and History will present a series of four hour-long lectures regarding West Virginia during the Civil War on Saturday, Sept. 28,...

Annual Mountain Games competition tests pioneer skills

A competitor throws a tomahawk during the annual Mountain Games competition at Heritage Farms near Huntington, West Virginia.
Survival on the Appalachian frontier required unique skills around which the fourth annual Mountain Games competition September 21 at Heritage Farm near Huntington, West...

William "Mudwall" Jackson led failed attack on fort at Bulltown

A line of trees follows a breastwork at the Bulltown Battlefield at Bulltown, West Virginia, in Braxton County.
During the first years of the U.S. Civil War, Braxton County, now in central West Virginia, was notably troubled by marauding bands of guerillas,...

Word "hillbilly" once term of endearment rather than disdain

The word "hillbilly" was a term of endearment in the Appalachian Mountains in the 1800s, though it later took on negative connotations. The term was...

Bizzare 'Wild West' massacre erupted in Cowen in 1905

Richwood, West Virginia (WV) in 1910 was the center of a booming timber industry.
Cowen today is a sleepy town of 500, perhaps best known for its location near a quiet lake, but it was hardly so in...

Did a clown help relocate West Virginia's capital to Charleston?

Lolo, the clown, helped establish Charleston as the capital of West Virginia.
Though it might sound like a superb Wheeling joke—Wheeling having been West Virginia's first capital—it's true that a circus clown helped relocate West Virginia's...

Historians seek information on Wolf Creek area in Fayette County

A historian at Wolf Creek Park documents a stone remnant of the mining industry there.
Historians from West Virginia State University are seeking historical information about the Wolf Creek plateau area in central Fayette County, particularly the 1,000-acre Wolf...

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