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Lore and Legend

Welcome to the Lore and Legend news category at West Virginia Explorer, where you’ll find news of the paranormal, supernatural, and uncanny in West Virginia.

Strange haunting near Summersville Lake may be largely forgotten

Ford Ghost
Paddlers who run the lower Gauley River may have gotten to know W.Va. Route 129 west of Summersville Lake in Nicholas County, but this...

W.Va. brewery names new beer after famous local ghost

Grave of the Greenbrier Ghost, Zona Heaster Shue
Officials at the Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company announced today the unveiling of a new beer created in honor of the legendary ghost of Zona...

Lilacs associated with a haunting West Virginia ghost story

Lilacs by Cyntha Dunlap Ellis
Lilacs are in bloom in May in the Alleghenies, where spring comes late, and when traveling through these mountains I can't help but recall...

And then there was the time West Virginia had four governors

Nathan Goff, Jr.
As bad as politics in West Virginia might seem today, there was a time when the state had four governors. In 1888, Nathan Goff, Jr., and...

Powell Mountain Goat beloved inhabitant of central West Virginia

Powell Mountain Goat, Nicholas Countyvideo
Photojournalist Anne Johnson on May 1 stopped on the flank of Powell Mountain in central West Virginia to visit its regionally famous inhabitant -- a...

Tale of Green-Harrison Tragedy haunts the hills of Putnam County

Bridge over Eighteenmile Creek at Extra, WV
Eighteenmile Creek wanders gently through the green hill country of northern Putnam County, revealing not in the least any potential for tragedy along its banks....

Tale of Petrified Witch of Kanawha County nearly forgotten

Surely few English speakers who have observed the "Witchers Creek" road sign on U.S. 60 have done so without considering the association with the...

Windy nights recall legend of Sam Hart and race with the...

Old Stone Church Cemetery, Lewisburg, West Virginia (WV)
Windy nights such as come sweeping through the hollows in spring put me in mind of the legend of Sam Hart and his race...

Interest growing in W.Va. haunted places, says Web developer

Woodburn Hall in inverted color
PAX, W.Va. -- Interest in West Virginia's haunted places is growing, says a Web developer whose guide to West Virginia ghosts is now ranked...

Did a lunatic discover West Virginia?

Mountain Scene in Randolph County WV
As humorous as the tale might seem, one enduring West Virginia legend posits that the land now within the boundaries of the Mountain State...

Revisiting the tale of West Virginia’s lost Branch Mountain Treasure

Helmick Rock on South Branch Mountain
Tales of hidden treasure appear throughout the annals of West Virginia history. Legends of hoards buried by prehistoric peoples, by retreating soldiers, by reclusive misers...

The top five monsters from the West Virginia hills

The Grafton Monster
"In the late '90s, I was asked to pen a book of West Virginia folklore. I opted instead to create my own tales based on...

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