Thursday, September 24, 2020

Lore and Legend

Welcome to the Lore and Legend news category at West Virginia Explorer, where you'll find news of the paranormal, supernatural, and uncanny in West Virginia.

"Fallout 76" driving record traffic to West Virginia Explorer

The megasloth from Fallout 76.
Fallout from the announced release of the "Fallout 76" West Virginia-based video game is driving record traffic to West Virginia Explorer, according to its...

Tale of Rich Mountain ghost echoes through the Alleghenies

Comrades-in-arms bury Indiana volunteers who fell in battle atop Rich Mountain
This summer I'll travel into the Alleghenies near Beverly, West Virginia, in Randolph County, to visit the site of the Battle of Rich Mountain....

1911 horror in W.Va. allegedly witnessed through ESP

One of the most publicized cases of extrasensory perception (ESP) reported in West Virginia involved the deaths of a mother and six children in...

Reputedly haunted portrait spooking visitors at W.Va. museum

This haunting portrait of "Annie" is spooking visitors at a museum in Moundsville, West Virginia.
Of more than 400 artifacts collected in this museum of the paranormal in West Virginia's "city of the dead," one is attracting more attention...

New film to investigate W.Va. legend of Flatwoods Monster

A new film aims to tell the true story behind what happened in a rural West Virginia town when a group of locals encountered...

Roadside ghosts account for most popular W.Va. ghost stories

Roadside ghosts account for many of most popular WV ghost stories
Tales of roadside ghosts account for many of the most popular West Virginia ghost stories, and it's easy to see why: Even the most...

Tale of strange Moon Man lives on in Braxton County

Historical map showing Centralia W.Va.
The remote ghost town of Centralia remains one of the more isolated communities in central West Virginia. It was here that an eccentric Moon...

The mythical hole in the Cheat River—fact or fiction?

Cheat River, Preston County, Allegheny Highlands Region
The strange story of the day they knocked a hole in the Cheat River has been passed down as one of West Virginia's obscure-but-enduring...

Mysterious worm invasion wreaked havoc in Wetzel County in 1918

Wetzel County Worm Invasion
In the summer of 1918, a parade of millions of worms passed through the hills of eastern Wetzel County, wreaking havoc wherever it wandered....

West Virginia observatory monitors signals from distant galaxy

Telescopes at Green Bank, WV, Pocahontas County, Allegheny Highlands Region
Scientists working with the remote National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia, have detected repeating radio signals being emitted from a dwarf...

New podcast series revisits gruesome murder of WVU co-eds

Hitchhikers at WVU, c. 1970s
Even after half a century, new information is coming to light regarding the gruesome murders of two hitch-hiking students who disappeared from the campus of West...

Strange haunting near Summersville Lake may be largely forgotten

Ford Ghost
Paddlers who run the lower Gauley River may have gotten to know W.Va. Route 129 west of Summersville Lake in Nicholas County, but this...

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