WVExplorer lists top 10 Halloween venues for 2018

Spooky any time of year, the old West Virginia State Penitentiary becomes one of the top destinations for Halloween in West Virginia.
Spooky any time of year, the old W.Va. Penitentiary is one of the top destinations for Halloween in West Virginia.

Looking for the ideal spooky venue for Halloween in West Virginia? West Virginia Explorer, in cooperation with , Saturday unleashed its list of the 10 most popular Halloween attractions in the Mountain State for 2018.

Traffic at both websites was increased this year by interest in spooky West Virginia folklore brought on by the Fallout 76 video game, according to David Sibray, publisher of West Virginia Explorer.

“Both WVExplorer.com and WVGhosts.com saw an increase in traffic, and I can say unquestionably at West Virginia Explorer that it was brought about by Fallout 76,” he said.

Searches for information about monsters and haunted locations at West Virginia Explorer was increased by the thousands monthly as a result of the game, which is to be released to a general audience in November.

Expected to turn millions of gamers on to West Virginia, Sibray said the game takes place in an alternate version of the Mountain State annihilated by a nuclear war.

Many locales in the game are referenced in West Virginia, as is much folklore, including references to monsters that have been incorporated in the game.


West Virginia Explorer and West Virginia Ghosts have been publishing in cooperation since 2000. For more information on Halloween attractions in West Virginia, visit .

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