Greenbrier Valley Real Estate

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Farmland near Alderson in the Greenbrier Valley. The Allegheny Mountains rise in the remote distance.

Greenbrier Valley real estate includes farms, hunting properties, mountain getaways, and homes for sale in beautiful historic neighborhoods in and near Union, Lewisburg, Alderson, and Hillsboro. The region is renowned for rolling green pastures and bright sunny days. The valley has long been a famous vacation destination as is famously home to the resort .

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Historian and publisher David Sibray has made a life’s work of promoting West Virginia and its landscape, as a marketer of tourism and of farms, forests, and fine homes. An expert in the field of historic preservation, he sits on the board of the state’s Preservation Alliance and brings a wealth of knowledge to the sale of heritage properties.

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Tina Gibson specializes in properties for residential and business investment in the Allegheny, Greenbrier, and New River regions near Union, Sutton, Lewisburg, Fayetteville, Summersville, and Snowshoe Mountain. Bluegrass farms, mountain retreats, vacation properties, and historical homes are among her specialties.

More about Greenbrier Valley Real Estate

All or part of the following West Virginia counties are located in the greater Greenbrier Valley Real Estate region: Fayette County, Greenbrier County, Monroe County, Nicholas County, Summers County.