Top reasons why visiting West Virginia in winter is a great idea!

Winter at Bruceton Mills, WV, Preston County, Monongahela Valley Region
Why visit WV in winter? Winter at Bruceton Mills, West Virginia, in Preston County. Photo courtesy Rick Burgess.

Why visit West Virginia in winter? The Mountain State is becoming an increasingly popular winter destination for many reasons.

1. West Virginia boasts mild-to-wintry weather, depending where you visit.

Snow seldom lingers in the lowlands, though winter in the mountains can be virtually Canadian. Flakes may fall as early as November near its , where drifts may linger through March. But its valleys are sheltered from winds, and while days near zero can occur there, they are few.

2. Meet-ups are us! West Virginia lies midway between many major U.S. cities.

Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cleveland, Louisville, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C., encircle West Virginia, and many far-flung friends and families rendezvous midway here. Six interstates cross the state — I-64, I-68, I-70, I-77, I-79, and I-81. It’s also an ideal stop-off for snowbirds.

3. West Virginians know how to celebrate the holidays!

The best traditions of the North and South combine in West Virginia, which enjoys a panoply of holiday events from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Year’s Day into February, when romantic venues abound. Holiday lighting displays are major attractions across the state in December.

4. Lodging rates in West Virginia are relatively inexpensive in winter.

With the exception of lodging near ski resorts in West Virginia, rates are relatively inexpensive in winter. Traffic to its and has decreased, though briefly, as and are popular spring and autumn and on warm winter weekends.

5. Little else compares to the West Virginia woodlands in winter.

Winter may be one of the most changeful and beautiful seasons in West Virginia. Fall color often lingers into December, and pines, spruces, hemlocks, and heathers provide greenery in the mountains into spring. is perhaps one of the most popular pastimes in the Mountain State, and countless thousands of miles of trail await.


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